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Occasion Wear, Ball outfit

Custom made tuxedo, tuxedo rental, cleaning, and alterations - perfect outfit for the ballroom!

Occasion Wear, Ball outfit

Our tailor salon provides you complete services according to the event`s dress code: Tuxedo rental, tuxedo and evening dress making, alterations, evening wear accessories, cleaning and refurbishing and fashion-advising services.

Whether this is your first ball or you are an experienced ball-goer you can find all you need in our downtown tailor salon for a perfect appearance on such a high profile social event.

Tailoring services:

Besides tuxedo custom tailoring, we also make fine tailored garments as dinner jacket, tailcoat or redingote. We also make evening dress or red carpet dress for the ladies. Our salon has a wide selection of the finest materials and fabrics, all our garments are handmade with artisan finish. Your ready garment would be made from the fabric of your choice and would fit your figure perfectly.

Rental: Tuxedo, Dress Suit, Tailcoat:

You can find various styles and sizes of dress suits, tuxedos, tailcoats, morning coats and redingotes for rent in our salon.
If we can’t find a suitable garment in your size, for a extra fee, our tailors make the desired piece especially after your measurement, so you can rent out a custom made outfit.

Outfits for balls: Accessories for balls:
Dress suit
Morning coat

Dress shoes, Patent shoes
Patent belt
Silk vest, silk scarf, Bow-tie
Top hat
Tailcoat scarf
Cummerbund set

Tuxedo and tailcoat accessories:

No evening outfit would be perfect without the matching accessories. To complete your look our showroom offers you a range of tailor made silk vests and neckties as well as harmonizing cummerbund and bow-tie sets in various colours, patent dress shoes, top hats and all the rest, tuxedo shirts, suspenders, cufflinks.

Alteration, custom alteration

Even the most experienced ball-goer can come across bitter surprises whether last years evening gown or tuxedo is not coming up or a garment needs adjustments because we're just after a successful diet. To fix all size problems we offer alterations, custom alterations: take in, let out, hem trousers, shorten sleeves, mend crotch, etc.

Clothes repair

We offer clothes repair services such as seam repair on jackets, suits, zipper repair and zipper replacement and button replacement. Repairing burnt or worn-out fabric, mending worn-out elbows, mending buttonholes are also frequently demanded. Bring your garments in to our show room, our colleges find the solutions.

Cleaning services

Suit, tuxedo, evening gown cleaning - quality cleaning service, door-to-to door on demand!  We hand out your garment after 3 dimensional ironing, on hanger, in a garment bag. If necessary we strengthen the seams, buttons, lining, zippers. We also offer quality dry-cleaning using a special stain removing process. We refurbish old garments and recommend complementary accessories such as silk vest, neck-tie, shirt or patent shoes that matches your tuxedo.


Our Formalwear Consultants would make sure you find all what you need for a perfect outfit that reflects elegance and self-confidence according to the dress code, the latest trends, your body type and personality.


Accessories for balls:

Dress shoes, Patent shoes

Patent belt

Silk vest, silk scarf, Bow-tie

Top hat

Tailcoat scarf

Cummerbund set


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