Szabóság - ruhajavítás
Szabóság és Ruhaklinika - Ruhajavítás

We offer garments made from our individual design with impeccable craftmanship. We manufacture men’s wear and women’s wear with acute awareness of contemporary trends of the Italian and French fashion.

Our clients can choose the garment most suitable for them from different collection of patterns and high quality fabrics.

We apply only the highest quality fabrics and employ very experienced tailors attending to detail.
 The bespoke services are absolutely personalized.


Classic Collection:
The fashion from the twenties to the fifties, classic  man’s and woman’s  wear.
Classic line with a sporty touch: suits for golf, riding, hunting, yachting  and in club version.

Business Collection:
The self-evident harmony of the forms, creativity and varsatility in the craftmanship.

Formal Collection:
 With the  garments of the Party Tailoring you can dress with an individual touch at all formal occasions assuring a paramount style for all social or formal event.

Festive Collection:
Graduation ceremony, christening , farewell ceremony at the high school, birthday, engagement, family occasions…

Bridal Collection:

Party collection
White party
Beach party
Garden party

Luxury collection:
For those men and women who like classic but not dated style. Exquisite materials, trimmings, accessories, simple lines, handmade garments.

Traditional clothes, costumes:
Bocskai (traditional Hungarian jacket)
Gipsy-band leader waistcoat, folkdancing costume
Coachman’s clothes, fogathajtó ruha
Cavalryman’s clothes
Walden (forester, sailor,miner)

We make the clothes to measure by hand, according to the special need and taste of our clients after two or three fittings.

We have a close personal contact with our clients and always make sure that the time of the fittings are suitable for them.

In case our client would like to have their fittings in their own flat we can organize it a tan extra charge!


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