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One of our main activities is the uniform tailoring and rental:

An integrated, unified company look communicates a strong corporate identity on trade fairs, exhibitions to clients as well as within the company. It encourages team spirit and motivates colleagues to always pay attention to their look.

Our tailoring services:

Men’s and women’s suit tailoring
Shirt, blouse custom tailoring
Identical tie, scarf, french tie tailoring, embroidery, four-color print (logo)
Matching male and female uniforms, hostess uniforms
Uniform accessories  (shawl, scarf, scarf ring, badges, cufflinks, tie pins, etc…)
Gown, robe tailoring (for judges, deans, graduations, clergy)

Time frame of uniform tailoring:

The time and location of taking measurements and dress rehearsals are arranged considering your needs.
According to our capacities and the level of details on the garments, the time-frame of production is 4-8 weeks, if we have the fabrics on stock.

If we don’t have the desired fabrics on stock and we need to order them from abroad, the time-frame can increase up to 8-16 weeks.

The preceding collations take some time as well.
During the production we keep a personal contact (dress rehearsal) and we focus on implementing your ideas while creating a comfortable, personalized uniform.

Cleaning, maintaining:

To extend the lifetime and maintain the state of your existing uniforms, we offer our professional cleaning and repair services.

Clothes Clinic services: uniform cleaning, repair, custom alterations, - even replacement if needed.

Why would you choose us:

Traditions over several generations
Qualified specialist team
Specialized equipment
Up-to-date technologies
Complex services


Hotels: Hotel Buda Center, Hotel Erzsebet City Center, Hotel Medosz, Le Meridien Budapest, Hotel Nemzeti
Budapest Congress Center
MÁV - Hungarian Railways
Theaters: Opera House Budapest, Thália Theater, Erkel Theater  
Organisations: Order of St. John, Salvation Army, Hungarian Boxing Association
Universities (Dean and Graduation Gowns): Szent István University, Corvinus University, IBS Budapest


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