Szabóság - ruhajavítás
Tailoring & rent of uniforms

• Alteration, repair
• Cleaning

We go to your flat on request!

Call-out charges:
In the downtown 5000-8000 HUF/occasion
Out of the downtown or in Pest county: 8000-12000 HUF/occasion + charge by distance120-180 HUF/km (it depends on the current fuel prices).
To the country: 8000-12000 HUF +120-180 HUF/km (it depends on the current fuel prices).

Our prices can vary in relation to the ordered quantities.

The prices int he price list are the base-prices. (Click ont he price list)
Discounted prices by quantities:
10-15 pieces  -5%
15-25 pieces  -10%
over 25 pieces   -20%

Our service means advantage for you, because after agreeing the date of the appointment with you our specialists visit you or/and your collegues. We can stitch your garments in the sitting at you  during working time too. We can collect and deliver the unclean clothes too, and in this way you and your collegues can save money and time.


Formaruha ing, blúz, sál, kendő készítés