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Tuxedo rental

High quality tuxedos for occasions such as wedding, ball, party or reception - hand made from Super 100-120 fabrics.

You can rent or buy our tuxedos in various styles and extra sizes; we also make tuxedos for all kinds of physiques.

Our skillful tailors fit the chosen tuxedo on you, if demanded. They also recommend you the suitable accessories to complete your evening look: Your perfect outfit which reflects self-confidence and elegance.

Tuxedo with shawl collar
Tuxedo with shawl collar
Peak collar
Peak collar


Tuxedo: from 27.900HUF /95EUR
Cleaning: from 3.980HUF / 12 EUR
Deposit: 30.000HUF / 100EUR
Tuxedo shirt: 5.000HUF / 16EUR
Vest: 13.000HUF / 32EUR

 (cummerbund, bow tie and handkerchief)

Spanish style belt set (bow tie, spanish belt, pocket square): 5000HUF / 12EUR


The deposit is given back if the garments aren`t damaged or torn when handovered.
If you decide to keep the tuxedo or accessories we offer you 20% discount on the original price.


1072. Bp. Akácfa u. 41.  Telefon:  06-1 / 478-0000; Mobil:  06-20/ 478-0000; 06-30/ 478-0000

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