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Tuxedo shirt
Szmoking Ingek

The tuxedo shirt is special shirt type and different to ordinary shirts in it`s collar, bosom and cuffs.

Most commonly comes with a winged tip collar, this type of collar stands straight, gently embracing the neck, except for at the very front of the collar where the corner tips of the edges are gracefully bent over to form a wing-type appearance.

There are other collar types too, a lay-down style, which is more similar to the collars found on average button-down dress shirts, mandarin collar which is marked by its band collar that stands straight up and meets in the front of the shirt with a single button and a great solution for those who hate to wear ties, this one does`t require one. Another variation is the double collar style.

The color of the tuxedo shirt is usually off-white (or ivory) this compliments best the black tuxedo. If we wear a color tuxedo, the shirt must come in the same color. It is solely worn with bow-tie.

The cuffs can be french cuffs or convertible cuffs, French cuffs fold over and allow for decorative cuff links, whereas convertible cuffs do not fold over but can be worn with the shirt buttons or cuff links.

The bosom is usually decorated with pleats or frills or marcella (piqué).

Pleat tuxedo shirt


Ruffled Tuxedo Shirt


 Double Collar Tuxedo shirt

Piés szmoking ing ekru zsabos_szmoking_ing

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  • 5 piés fehér színű szmoking ing
  • 50% cotton, 50% viscose
  • Cleaning:easy to handle, machine washable
The bosom is decorated with parallel pleats. It gives a more elegant look to the whole outfit.
Perfect choice for grooms their wedding or balls.


  • 3 row of decorative frills on each side of the bosom
  • 50% cotton, 50% viscose
  • Cleaning:easy to handle, machine washable
The bosom is decorated with parallel frills to make the look even more special. Also good choice on weddings or other social occasions.


  • Double collar tuxedo shirt
  • Fly front
  • Available in white and Ivory
This type of shirt has a second, decorative collar as well which gives a unique look without being too flashy.
Great to wear it on weddings, social occasions.


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Pleat tuxedo shirt

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